1. DRAYS trade Jose Lopez to the  Royals for Marlon Byrd
2. Indians trade 2nd Round Pick (31) and 5th Round Pick (31) to the Rangers for Michael Young
3. Rangers receive: Drays 2nd (31), B. Upton, D. Young, G. Meche, K. Davies, J. Johnson, and Y. Betancourt
Drays receive: Rangers 1st (30), 3rd (30), J. Danks, J. Howell, M. Izturis, R. Sweeney, and B. Wood
4. Blue Jays trade Ray's 4th (30) and Jays 6th (31) to the Indian's for 3rd (31)  and Joe Saunders
5. Blue Jays receive: Rangers 1st(30) AND Drays receive: Royals 1st (30) and J. Shields
6. Royals trade Johnny Damon to the Rangers for 4th round pick (30) and 5th round pick (31)
7. Royals receive: D. Braden and Drays receive: G. Balfour and Royals 4th (31)
8. Drays receive: royals 5th (31) and Royals receive: royals 6th (30)
9. Royals trade Gabe Kapler to White Sox for Josh Anderson and White Sox 5th (31)
10. Royals trade Bobby Abreu and George Sherrill to the Rays for Rays 1st (31), 6th (31), Jensen Lewis, and 1st
Cut/Pickup selection
11. Toronto trades Aaron Hill to Drays for Brian Roberts, Javier Vazquez, Eric Bedard, Rays 3rd (31), Rays 4th (31),
and Royals 4th (31)
12. Royals trade Alberto Callaspo to Blue Jays for Tommy Hunter and Jays 4th (31)
13. Royals trade Ichiro Suzuki and Edwin Jackson to the Rangers for BJ Upton, Kyle Davies, Daric Barton, Rangers
1st (31) and 2nd (31), and 1st Cut/Pickup
14. Royals trade Frank Francisco to the Blue Jays for Jamey Caroll and Jays 3rd (31), and 1st Cut/
15. The Blue Jays trade their 2nd cut pick up and the D-Rays 4th Round pick next year to the Royals for the Blue
Jays 4th Round pick next year.
16. Royals trade Curtis Granderson to the Mariners for Mariners 1st, Mariners 3rd, Mariners first cut/ pick up and E.
17. Drays receive: Rangers 5th
Royals receive: both Drays cut pick up
18.Tigers receive: Rays 6th
Royals receive: Tigers 2nd cut pick up

Indians - Dan Wheeler
Chicago - Gabe Kapler, Randy Ruiz
Detroit - Mike Lowell
Royals- Joe Smith, Doug Mathis, Tommy Hunter, Tim Wakefield, Miguel Olivio, Taylor Teagarden, J.  Carrol, Milton
Bradley, E. Hinske
Mariners - Michael Brantley

Cut/Pickup Draft

1st round

Royals - Doug Fister
Royals - Fausto Carmona
Royals - Ty Wigginton
Royals - John Buck
Royals - Jason Vargas
Tigers - Andruw Jones
White Sox - Ryan Perry
Indians - Gabe Kapler

2nd round

Royals - Jason Varitek
White Sox

17. Blue Jays trade Cliff Pennington, Alex Rios, Brian Roberts, Scott Kazmir, D-Rays 3rd year 31, Blue Jays 4th year
31 to the Tigers for  Placido Polanco, Roy Halladay, Jhonny Peralta, and Tigers 5th in year 31
18. Blue Jays trade Roy Halladay to the Rays for Trevor Cahill and Royals 5th (Year 31) 2011 Draft and D-Rays 5th
(Year 31) 2011 Draft.
19. Rays trade J. Peavy and B. Fuentes to the Blue Jays for A. Bailey and B. Lyon
20. Indians trade Indians 4th (31), Indians 6th (31) and Casey Kotchman to the Mariners for David Aardsma